Emerging Skin Care Return Request

If you are interested in returning your initial purchase of Emerging (for a full refund minus shipping), please check that you qualify by doing the following:

1. Review our terms and conditions below.

2. EMAIL RETURNS to acquire an RMA number for your return package. Please include “Request RMA#” in the subject field.

3. Fill out the form here and send with your package.

4. Return any unused portion of the bottle.

Note: Returns will be processed promptly, but only if information is properly filled out.

RMA #*
Full Name*
Purchase Date*
Invoice Number*
Billing Address*
Shipping Address*
Reason for Returning (this will not effect your refund so please be honest and detailed; for internal use only).

Please be advised the long term effects of Emerging do not always appear evident until about the 4th week of usage. Your money back guarantee lasts for 3 months (90 days), so we highly recommend you keep using Emerging until at least the 4th week or until bottle is completely empty before making your final decision.

If you need information such as your invoice number or order date, please e-mail us at returns@emergingskincare.com.

E-mail confirmation is sent to you on date of purchase. Please make sure to input the exact information you have on file with us. Failure to do this correctly could affect the return.