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Minimizing Under Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles

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Did you know that your skin is the body’s largest organ? On the average person, it actually covers about 20 square feet! Besides protecting you from pathogens, injury and radiation, the skin provides many functions that help maintain equilibrium. Your skin maintains body temperature, releases toxins and synthesiizes vitamins. The skin also stores excess fluids and sometimes (especially as we get older) these excessive fluids accumulate around the eye area. Although there are hereditary components, so much of our appearance is due to our lifestyle. Common causes of puffy eyes are cigarettes and alcohol. Also salty, processed foods, excessive stress, lack of exercise and quality sleep all contribute to under eye puffiness. These are also contributors to dark circles under the eyes. By changing some of these habits not only will you look better, but you will also feel better.

Of course sometimes puffy eyes can be caused by a medical condition. You should contact a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

* Red or itchy eyes
* Pain along your brow or cheekbone
* Fluid accumulation in your hands, feet or ankles

Some of these homemade remedies may also help:

* Cold compresses or tea compresses
* Elevating your head with two pillows when you sleep
* Large framed sunglasses with UV 40 protection
* Foods rich in Vitamin K and E
* Most important……replace caffinated, sugarery drinks with lots of water!

By making these subtle changes you will see amazing results in about 2 to 3 weeks. Remember the best beauty secret is a good nights sleep!

Emerging Ultra Anti Aging Serum helps to reduce puffy eyes. It will also reduce dark circles under the eyes. Our unique multi-purpose product nourishes your skin and instantly gives you a smooth, tight, flawless finish. Emerging Ultra Anti Aging Serum incorporates 3 potent, Botox like peptides that together reduce the size of fine lines. Antioxidants especially Green Tea Extract, Ubiquinone and Vitamin E combat stress related aging. Use daily for a brighter, more luminous appearance……Because this is your time to Emerge.

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7 Habits that Make Your Skin Age Faster

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Want to look as youthful as Demi Moore when you’re older? While some signs of aging skin are inevitable, there’s a lot you can do to look your best at any age. And taking good care of yourself is the most important step in your anti-aging skin care program.

Many of the external causes of aging skin are determined by the health and lifestyle decisions you make every day. Making unhealthy choices can cause prematurely aging skin, which makes you look older, faster. An important part of any anti-aging skin care program is to know what you may be doing that is harming your skin and speeding up your skin’s aging process.

The 7 habits that contribute to aging skin are : smoking or direct exposure to cigarette smoke, excessive sun exposure, exposure to cold weather, stress, lack of exercise, alcohol use, and lack of sleep.

You can avoid signs of aging skin like dryness, wrinkles and uneven skin tone, by avoiding these seven habits that make skin age faster.

What happens to skin as it ages?

As skin ages, it becomes dry and loose. As you get older, your skin produces less collagen. Collagen is what keeps your skin pulled tightly around your body, so having less means that skin loses some of its youthful elasticity. Your skin may even sag, causing wrinkles.

When people get older, skin also produces less oil than it previously did. This will cause your skin to be drier than before, so if you used to wash your face twice a day, you may want to only wash at night. Also be sure to use a moisturizer afterwards — this can help slow the aging process.

How much time your skin spends unprotected in the sun effects how quickly your skin ages. The sun can cause a decrease in collagen and uneven skin tone, so avoid this by using a sunscreen when outdoors. The sun’s UV rays break down collagen and make the skin cells especially vulnerable to age spots, broken capillaries, and rough patches of skin that do not respond to topical skincare treatments. Stress can also take a toll on skin. Stress produces a hormone called cortisol, which decreases collagen production.

To keep your skin looking young, eat less cooked foods and eat more fruits, vegetables and unsaturated fats. Eating foods cooked at high temperatures can cause inflammation and also trigger a state known as ‘glycation’ where toxins are released into the body at a high rate. Exercise also helps your skin by facilitating oxygen flow to keep it firm.

Look 10 years younger without surgery or botox by using our Ultra Anti-Aging serum Emerging Skin Care. Emerging Ultra Anti -Aging Serum helps restore the skin to its youthful radiance. Our unique multi use product nourishes your skin and instantly gives you a smooth, tight flawless finish.  Emerging Ultra Anti -Aging Serum incorporates three potent, Botox-like peptides that, together reduce the size of fine lines. Antioxidants, specially green tea extract, ubiquinone and Vitamin E, combat stress-related aging. Use daily for a brighter, more luminous appearance……. Because This is Your Time to Emerge.

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